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Healthy Kids - Eat Well, Play Well, Stay Well 

Over half of Canadian children and teens are not active enough for healthy growth and development.  About 25% of Canadian children are considered overweight or obese, mainly due to poor eating habits and lack of physical activity. Increasing rates of childhood obesity are being reported across Canada and many other countries around the world. 

Statistics like this mean that thousands of today's children are at risk of developing a variety of chronic health conditions as they grow and become adults. The doctors of British Columbia are concerned about this issue and the effect it will have on kids today and in the future.

But future health problems can be prevented.  Encouraging young people to eat healthy meals and participate in physical activity are important steps, and parents can set good examples for their children by making healthy lifestyle choices.

The BCMA Council on Health Promotion's campaign Eat Well, Play Well, Stay Well is designed to equip parents and children with the information they need to make these healthy lifestyle choices and aims to reduce and prevent future cases of childhood obesity throughout BC.



Childhood Obesity

Facts and Statistics

Helping Your Overweight Child

Health Issues

Prevent Chronic Illness

Avoid Diet Trends

Healthy Eating

Eat together, Eat at Home

Meals and Snacks

Model Healthy Choices

Physical Activity

Increase Activity, Decrease Inactivity

Get Active With Your Kids

Participate in Community Activities

Additional Resources

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Contact Sharon Shore at the BC Medical Association for further information, 604 638-2832 or 1 800 665-2262.


The BCMA would like to thank the Heart and Stroke Foundation of BC and Yukon,  BC Pediatric Society, Ministry of Health Services, and Ministry of Education for their assistance in this project.