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It’s Time to Talk: Advance Care Planning in BC


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Health System Design & Renewal


Policy Statements
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Activity-Based Funding

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Charting the Course: Designing BC's Health Care System for the Next 25 Years

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Public-Private Partnerships (P3) in Health CareValuing Quality--Patient-focused Funding in British Columbia (September 2010)
Public & Private Health CarePhysicians Speak Up – BCMA Submission to the BC Conversation on Health (June 2007)
The Canada Health ActBCMA Presentation to the Royal Commission on the Future of Health Care in Canada – A Vision for Sustaining Medicare (March 2002)

Regionalizing Health Care Budgets in BC (April 2002)
 Turning the Tide Part II – A New Course for Health Care (May 2001)
 Turning the Tide Part I – Saving Medicare for Canadians (July 2000)
Obtaining Effective Medical Input Into Regional Decision Making (October 2000)



Health Care Services & Access to Care

Policy Statements
Policy Papers
Rural Patient Travel for Healthcare Services 

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 Closing the Gap: Youth Transitioning to Adult Care in BC

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 Emergency Department Overcrowding

Enhancing Surgical Care in BC: Improving Perioperative Quality, Efficiency and Access (June 2011)

Wait Times and Patient Care GuaranteesStepping out of the Shadows: Collaborating to Improve Services for Patients with Depression  (August 2009)
Improving Access to Acute Care ServicesStepping Forward: Improving Addiction Care in BC (March 2009)
Pharma Care ExpendituresYour Attention Please:  A Call to Improve Access to Care for ADHD Patients (February 2009)

Improving Access to Acute Care Services (August 2008)
 Bridging the Islands: Re-Building BC’s Home & Community Care System – A Policy Paper by BC’s Physicians (May 2008)
 A Prescription for Quality (July 2007)
 Waiting Too Long: Reducing and Better Managing Wait Times in BC (June 2006)
 The Economic Cost of Wait Times in Canada – A Report Prepared for the BCMA and CMA (June 2006)

Building Bridges: A Call for a Coordinated Dementia Strategy in BC (April 2004)
 Specialty Care in BC: A System in Distress (June 2004)
 A Strategy to Reduce Orthopaedic and Ophthalmology Waits in BC (November 2004)
 Patient Care Guarantees (June 2003)
 Ensuring Excellence: Renewing BC’s Primary Care System (September 2002)



Health Human Resources

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Multidisciplinary Primary Care



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Partnering with Physicians

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Nurse Practitioners

Working Together: An Exploration of Professional Relationships in Medicine
Scope of Practice for Allied Health ProfessionalsDoctors Today and Tomorrow: Planning British Columbia's Physician Workforce
Physician AssistantsWorking Together: Enhancing Multidisciplinary Primary Care in BC (October 2005)
Medical Student & Resident Debt Relief 



Health Information Technology

Policy Statements
Policy Papers
Ensuring Seamless Information Delivery to BC's EMRs: Achieving Interoperability

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Getting IT Right: Patient Centred Information Technology (January 2004)
Health Information Management and Technology (IM/IT) 

Email Communication with Patients




Prevention & Health Promotion

Policy Statements
Policy Papers

Direct-to-Consumer Advertising of Prescription Drugs

Partners in Prevention: Implementing a Lifetime Prevention Plan (June 2010)

Population Health & Determinants of Health

Time to Hang Up: Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General Public Consultation on “Distracted Drivers: Use of Cell Phones and other Technologies while Driving” (July 2009)
 Child & Youth Growth Index – BCMA Feasibility Study (September 2006)


The following papers are available upon request. To obtain a copy contact Linda Grime, Economics & Policy Analysis Department,

  • Attracting and Retaining Physicians in BC (1998)
  • Waiting List Report II (1998)
  • The World of Managed Care (1998)
  • Regionalization of Health Care Continues, BC Style (1997)
  • Capitation: A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing? (1995)