Doctors of BC

2014 | 2015 Annual Report

Welcome to this year's annual report.

Doctors of BC is committed to providing value to you—our members—so that you can provide the best care to your patients and their families. This year, we’re highlighting stories that show you how we’re fostering change through collaboration by having a vision for the future, positively impacting community health, and promoting innovation in care. 

We know that we can make a positive difference when we work as partners. Because we are better together.

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As a part of our strategic plan, we are looking towards the future, to build a stronger health care system.    

Physician engagement is a key area of focus. When phsyicians are engaged, we can be more influential  in helping to shape decisions that impact patients and the profession.

It was this vision that resulted in a number of successes over the past year, including a new Physician Master Agreement that involves a first-of-its-kind initiative in Canada.

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Wherever you live and practice, we know that you are committed to building a healthy community.

In this section, we focus on how Doctors of BC has been involved in strengthening patient and community health, and how partnerships with the provincial government have created innovative solutions for better outcomes.

Whether through tackling physician shortages, advocating for health promotion, or supporting the future generation of doctors in BC, we’re proud to share stories of how we’re making a meaningful difference, together. 

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We’re committed to the highest standard of health care for everyone in BC. To achieve this, we need to find new, innovative ways of doing things.

In this section of the report, we’ll have a look at some of the innovations at work such as redesigning the way we treat hip fractures to reduce patient recovery time. We also tell you about our Strategic Plan, and a few of the programs and incentives developed to grow, recruit, and retain rural physicians. 

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At Doctors of BC, one of our goals is to support you directly in how you provide care for your patients and their families.

In this section, you will find examples of how we do that—such as developing an online youth mental health portal, encouraging discussion around end-of-life planning and care, and working with doctors to reduce polypharmacy risks.

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One of the association’s commitments to members is to create and maintain a supportive organization. An important aspect of that is ensuring that the association is managed in a fiscally responsible way that provides value to members.  

In this section, you will find highlights of the year’s finances, as well as our fully audited financial report.

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